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Supports iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
QuickDo is centralized gestures, shortcuts, toggles, app switcher and multi-tasking management for iOS. By making use of the trigger function, QuickDo will help you operate iOS device easily, like exit a app, reboot or power off, mute or hang up the incoming call, etc. In addition, QuickDo now lets you define sliding short-cuts to quickly unlock your device and immediately launch your favorite apps. It's surely worth a shot!

• Full screen two fingers and three fingers gestures.
• Multitasking management, close or switch background app, quickly launch last app.
• App shortcut management, quickly open your favorite app.
• Toggles management. Built in Brightness, Volume and Information toggles, support SBSetttings toggles too.
• Virtual "Home" button, exit app, lock the device and iPod everytime.
• Power button, respring, reboot, safe mode and power off.
• One click to close all running app and remove Multitasking bar recent icons.
• Mute or hang up the incoming call.
• Activate SBSettings and Dock app, more apps coom soon.

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Sample Video

Three fingers gestures

How to use

QuickDo is virtual Home and Power buttons for the iPhone and iPod touch. In addition, QuickDo now lets you define sliding short-cuts to quickly unlock your device and immediately launch your favorite apps, and Multi-task manage,quickly close backgrounder apps and one click to close all backgrounder apps.Show iPod control any time.System AppSwitch Bar volume control.

QuickDo Bar

Once install and start QuickDo, with a slight slide at the bottom of the screen, a buff line appears, that is the QuickDo Bar. All gestures and operations will be done by the bar. Once the bar is activated, it will be effective all the time.
Slide upward or downward 3/4 of the screen length, the bar position can be switched. When the action is over, following is a white line slides across the screen. Say, the bar is at the bottom, you slide upward 3/4 of the screen length, the white line will be seen slide across the screen. Now the Bar is switched to the position of status bar, vice versa. When the Bar is at the top, and the status bar is there, QuickDo Bar is invisible but the trigger area is the same as the status bar.


All settings will be valid once it is changed, no need to restart SpringBoard.

Enable QuickDo = Enable QuickDo or not
Trigger by StatusBar = Slide to operate by using QuickDo Bar and the status bar of iPhone at the same time
Bar Switch = Slide to switch QuickDo bar between the bottom or the top of the screen
Keyboard pops hide = When keyboard pops up, the Bar is hidden automatically
Above Status Bar = QuickDo Trigger Bar Above Status Bar
Show gesture track = Show gesture track or not
Height = Set height of Trigger Bar
Color and Alpha = Set Color and alpha of Trigger Bar
App Short-cuts = Enable lockscreen Short-cuts or not
Enable Badge = Enable icon adge or not
RM Icon When Close = Remove system AppSwitcher icon when close app.

Volume control on system AppSwitcher bar

Need running on iOS4.x and enabled system AppSwitcher

Hang up or Mute the incoming call

When there is incoming call, a long left slide will hang up the call, while a long right slide will mute the call.This is the default setting, you can setting by your self.

Set App Switcher

Slide upward or downward 1/3 length of the screen (this is the default setting) to open the App Switcher, a click at the status bar or bottom bar blank area will close it. When start the App Switcher, will show the icons of devices that are running at the background and short-cuts app icons. And a click of the icon will directly go to the app, click the close box will close the device (“Phone” can not be closed but can release memory). Click trash icon will close all running apps.Click home icon will back to the home screen.Click lock icon will lock device.

Set Screenlock Shortcuts

Screenlock shortcuts mean when the screen is locked, a series of device icons will show up at the top of the slide bar, click the icon and then you can unlock screen and launch the app directly.
Steps: Open QuickDo settings app, select shortcuts page, click "+" button to select the app you want add, then click add button.

About running background

Apple doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to run background, only some of the app support run background.
Only when the Backgronder is installed, other devices can run background. The function to run background of QuickDo is done through Backgrounder.

Coexist with SBSettings

You can use QuickDo gesture to open SBSettings window.

Change log

Version 3.8.6

  • add new toggles: "Clear Badges", "Invert Colors", "Screenshot", "QuickDo Settings".
  • add "Toggles per Line" setting.
  • add new toggle template.
  • add System App Switcher page swipe down action settings.
  • optimize and fix bugs
  • Version 3.8.5

  • new Multitasking Window interface
  • Multitasking Gesture add "System Close Animation" setting
  • optimize and other fix
  • Version 3.8.4

  • add "Activate Camera" action
  • add "Show Quick Launch Apps" and "Two Row Quick Launch" settings
  • optimize QuickDo multitasking window
  • rewrite slide gestures
  • fixed: Home Button and Power Button gestures issues
  • fixed: switch to left/right app not work on iOS 7
  • fixed: statusbar gestures not work at lockscreen on iOS 7.1
  • optimize and other fix
  • Version 3.8

  • New Task Manager interface.
  • Task window is divided into toggles area, shortcuts area, task and music control area.
  • Task window add music control, volume/brightness control, information display, recently used apps.
  • Task window can set the background transparent, background blur.
  • Add swipe back, can set via QuickDo settings app.
  • Optimize gestures.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.7

  • Add Increase/Decrease Volume and Increase/Decrease Brightness actions.
  • Add StatusBar Left/Right Single Tap, Left/Right Double Tap, Left/Right Hold gestures.
  • Add Slide In from Left/Right gestures.
  • Add Power Connected/Disconnected gestures.
  • Optimize gestures.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.6.7

  • Add Sina WeiBo, Facebook, Mail and Message modal composer actions.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.6.6

  • Support iOS6.
  • Support iPhone 5.
  • Version 3.6.5

  • Add "Power Off", "Reboot", "Respring", "Safe Mode" actions.
  • Add task window "Samll Icon" display.
  • Fix full screen gestures can't diabled when open lock camera.
  • Fix "Unlock Device" actionnot show time view.
  • Fix "Unlock Device" action always play unlock sound issue.
  • Fix "Show iPod Control" action issue.
  • Fix other bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.6.4

  • iPhone, iPad use same package.
  • Add all iPhone version feature for iPad.
  • Add “Auto Rotate” setting for iPhone.
  • Add home button “Single Press”,“Double Press”,“Triple Press”,“Short hold” gestures.
  • Add lock button “Single Press”,“Double Press”,“Short hold” gestures.
  • Add status bar “Single Press” gestures.
  • Add “Shake Device Twice” gestures.
  • Add “Toggle Mute Switch Twice” gestures.
  • Fix other bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.6.3

  • Add headset “Insert/Pull Out” gesture, can assign to "Toggle iPod Playback" action.
  • Add volume button “Up Press”,“Up Short Hold”,“Down Press”,“Down Short Hold”,“Tap Volume Display” gestures.
  • Add lockscreen clock “Slide Up”,“Slide Down”,“Slide Left”,“Slide Right”,“Double Tap” gestures.
  • Fix other bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.6.2

  • Add API, so other tweak can use QucikDo events. (Example code: http://cydia.clezz.com/QDExampleAction.zip)
  • Add "biteSMS Quick Compose" action.
  • Support Activator action.
  • Fix other bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.6.1

  • Optimize QuickDo Bar hold gesture.
  • Add "2 Fingers", "3 Fingers", "QuickDo Bar" toggles.
  • Add "Close Background Apps" action.
  • Support AirBlue Sharing.
  • Full screen gestures (Rotate, Pinch, Spread) support Cydia, iFile and SBSettings on iOS5.0+.
  • Optimize toggle page, can scroll up and down.
  • Fix other bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.6

  • Add full screen two fingers gestures (Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Swipe Left, Swipe Right, Pinch, Spread, Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Anticlockwise, Double Tap, Hold).
  • Add Status Bar gesture settings.
  • Add "Click lock button" action.
  • Add "Show lock screen" action.
  • Add "Compose Tweet" action.
  • Add "Virtual Assistant" action.
  • Add press menu button dismiss toggle sheet.
  • Optimize QuickDo settings app, show action name on gesture page.
  • Optimize "Switch to Left/Right App" action.
  • Optimize "Simulate single-click home button" action.
  • Status Bar gestures support Cydia, iFile and SBSettings on iOS5.0+.
  • Full screen gestures (Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Swipe Left, Swipe Right, Double Tap, Hold) support Cydia, iFile and SBSettings on iOS5.0+.
  • Fix some phone action not work on iOS5.x
  • Fix when show toggle sheet, rotate device cause freeze issue.
  • Fix other bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.5.1

  • Add "Close all running applications" action.
  • Add "Switch to last application anywhere" action.
  • Optimize “Go to 1st or last page / Cancel editing” action.
  • Remove system AppSwitcher volume control.
  • Fix "Switch to Previous/Next App" action not work on iOS5.
  • Fix QuickDo Settings app crash on iOS4.1.
  • Fix not work with IAP Cracker.
  • Version 3.5

  • Add full screen three fingers gestures (Swipe Up, Swipe Down, Swipe Left, Swipe Right, Pinch, Spread, Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Anticlockwise, Double Tap, Hold. To use this gestures you must turn off system zoom feature through Settings app. Step: Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom > Turn off).
  • QuickDo settings app add "3th finger gesture Swipe orientation lock" and "Disable 3th finger gesture for applications" settings.
  • QuickDo settings app add Default.png loadding page and More Apps page.
  • Add Information toggle, show date, IP address and memory information.
  • Add Safe Mode on power dialog window.
  • Can active Brightness, Volume, Information toggle via gestures anywhere.
  • Optimize Brightness toggle.
  • Support password protected, if set password when tap app shortcut will show password window and open app after enter password.
  • Optimize code improve memory use.
  • Fix Brightness and Volume toggle sometimes cause freeze.
  • Fix "Switch to left app" not work on iOS5+, and can switch anywhere.
  • Fix simulate double tap home button.
  • Fix sometimes press power buton to unlock will dim screen on iOS5.
  • Fix can't close camera (active via lock screen) on iOS5.
  • Fix drag set lock screen app shortcut bar issue.
  • Version 3.4 (2011-11-17)

  • Add Brightness and Volume toggle.
  • App select window add Search Bar.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.3.2 (2011-10-19)

  • Fix bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.3.1 (2011-10-16)

  • iOS5 final support.
  • Click task window blank space to close task window.
  • Add "Enable or disable notification gesture" setting.
  • Add "Activate Notification Center" feature.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.3 (2011-06-28)

  • iOS5 support.
  • Add SBSettings theme setting and retina display.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.2 (2011-04-25)

  • Add SBSettings Toggles to the task window, can add/remove/reorder via settings.
  • Activate SBSettings Toggles via gesture.
  • Add icons to function setting interface.
  • Add page control to the task window.
  • Fix unlock StatusBar time issue.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code.
  • Version 3.1 (2011-04-12)

  • Add global gesture settings.
  • Add "Drag Shortcut Bar" setting.
  • Add "Open Application" function.
  • Add "Switch to Previous App","Switch to Next App" function.
  • Add "Answer Incoming Call" function.
  • Add "Show Phone Favorites","Show Phone Recents","Show Phone Contacts","Show Phone Keypad","Show Phone Voicemail", function.
  • Fix bugs and optimize code,language.
  • Version 3.0.5 (OS3.x,4.x) (2011-03-23)

  • Fix if installed patch cause register user cannot activate.
  • Version 3.0.4 (OS3.x,4.x) (2011-03-15)

  • Fix bugs and Optimize code.
  • Version 3.0.3 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-11-28)

  • iOS 4.2.1 compatibility changes.
  • Native AppSwitcher animation.
  • Optimize "Close App" function.
  • Fix in iOS 4.1 StatusBar Trigger unwork issue.
  • Fix bugs and Optimize code.
  • Version 3.0.2 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-11-22)

  • Fix sometimes StatusBar Trigger cause app crash issue.
  • Version 3.0.1 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-11-19)

  • Add "Enable Volume Controls" setting to show Volume Controls or not.
  • Fix "Go to Spotlight" issue.
  • Fix turn off "StatusBar Trigger" not work issue.
  • Version 3.0 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-11-18)

  • Merge shortcuts window and processes window.
  • Add Gesture track option.
  • Add volume control on system AppSwitcher bar.
  • Add "Lock screen" quick do options.
  • Add "Left/Center/Right Double tap" feature.
  • Add "Left/Center/Right Hold" feature.
  • Add "Shake device" feature.
  • Add "Remove AppSwitcher icon when close app" option,"One click to close all running app" feature will remove all AppSwitcher icons.
  • Add "Go To Spotlight” feature.
  • Add "Toggle System AppSwitcher" feature.
  • Add "Show SBSettings window" feature.
  • Add "Show / Hide Trigger Bar" feature.
  • Add "Toggle iPod Playback",“Next Track” and “Previous Track” feature。
  • In iOS4 "iPod Controls" use system AppSwitcher Controls
  • Add the shortcuts can be multiple selected
  • Add "hang up incoming call" and "oggle Incoming Call Mute" feature, "left long slide" to hang up and right long slide to mute for Default setting.
  • Remove the "hold for 2 seconds/3 seconds" feature.
  • Remove the "Enable Task Manager" setting
  • Remove the "lock screen Enable Task Manager" setting
  • Add "remove the shortcut icon if app has been deleted."
  • Fix Trigger Bar issue.
  • Fix some time enter safe mode.
  • Fix the "status bar triggers" in the "Photo" and "time" program failures.
  • Fix the "scroll to the first page / last page" function to scroll to the last page in the iOS4.x failures.
  • Fix close application function cause app last update problem
  • Fix Activator installed after take screenshot "Back to home" failures.
  • Fix badge insync issue.
  • Fix save screenshot issue.
  • Optimize code and language.
  • Version 2.0.2 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-11-05)

  • Update icon, iPhone 4 icon support.
  • Fix bugs and Optimize code.
  • Version 2.0.2 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-11-05)

  • Update icon, iPhone 4 icon support.
  • Fix bugs and Optimize code.
  • Version 2.0.1 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-11-01)

  • Bug fixes and and optimize code.
  • Version 2.0 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-10-30)

  • The new app shortcuts and task manage interface, the operation more convenient.
  • Click statusbar or toolbar of bottom to close task manage window.
  • You can add more shortcuts, and can be sorted.
  • Close all processes button is added in task window.
  • Springboard and lock button is added in task window.
  • Lock screen shortcuts show more icon.
  • Hold lock screen shortcuts bar to change position.
  • Add left side up and right slide up to Quick Do
  • Fix bugs and Optimize code.
  • Version 1.6.2 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-07-04)

  • Bug fixes and and optimize code.
  • Version 1.6.1 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-06-28)

  • Bug fixes and and optimize code.
  • Version 1.6 (OS3.x,4.x) (2010-06-24)

  • iOS4 compatibility changes.
  • Version 1.4.5 (OS3.x) (2010-06-20)

  • Fix backgrounder issue.
  • Version 1.4.4 (OS3.x) (2010-03-07)

  • "Close App" is added in Quick Do,to close background app.
  • Drag to set lockscreen shortcuts position.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Version 1.4.3 (OS3.x)

  • Fix QuickDo bar issue.
  • Version 1.4.2 (OS3.x)

  • "Show Dock" is added in Quick Do,to show Dock app.
  • Optimize icon of app shortcuts.
  • Change app name to QuickDo,change buy website.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Version 1.4.1 (OS3.x)

  • Fix sometimes QuickDo Bar doesn't show and optimize localization.
  • Version 1.4.0 (OS3.x)

  • Add option "Enable Badge".On App Short-cuts or App Swithcer, it enables badge on app icons just the same as on SpringBoard.
  • Add option "Voice Control" to Gesture Settings, it is only available for 3GS.
  • Add "Tap and Hold for 2 seconds" to Quick Do, which is corresponsive to "Voice Control (3GS) ".
  • When on 1st page or is showing search, slide will scroll to last page.
  • Remove lock screen background and optimize icon.
  • Version 1.3.1 (OS3.x)

  • The option "Lock Screen App Switcher" is added.When you choose this option,you can open App Switcher on the lock screen.
  • the problem that when no SBSettings install the StatusBar trigger was disabled.
  • Version 1.3.0 (OS3.x)

  • The option "Above Status Bar" is added to QuickDo Bar.When you choose this option,the QuickDo Bar will show at the top and cover the status bar.
  • Add the option for short slide can also open SBSettings when QuickDo Bar is at top.
  • When QuickDo Bar is at top, it won't hide when keyboard pops.
  • Add French localized version.
  • Fix bugs and Optimize code.
  • Version 1.2.0 (OS3.x)

  • "Double-click Home button" is added in Quick Do.
  • Fix the problem that "keyboard pops mQuickDo Bar hides" doesn't work on "search iphone".
  • Fix the problem of can't use SBSettings when mQuickDo Bar is on top covering Status Bar.
  • Tri Chinese and Italian localized version is added.
  • Optimize code.
  • Version 1.1.0 (OS3.x)

  • Setting for the color,alpha and height of mQuickDo Bar is added
  • "Task App Short-cuts" is added,you can start short-cuts apps directly when you go to App Switcher
  • A new Quick Do "Toggle Active Category Muted" is added
  • Russian localized version is added
  • Version 1.0.0 (OS3.x)

  • Keyboard pops,the Bar hides automatically,fix the Bar troubles inputting with keyboard.
  • Bran-new "App Short-cuts" to lock screen quickly, icons of apps are added to locked screen, a lick on icon will unlock screen and launch the app. This function can be disabled when has password or synchronization.
  • Redesign "setting" options,new options,like mQuickDo Bar Location,Keyboard pops hide,App Switcher and App Short-cuts are added.
  • All setting will be effective once it is made,no need to Respring;In "Reset All Settings to Default",confirm operations is added.
  • When there is an incoming call,long right slide mutes the call while long left slide hangup the call.
  • In the interface of "App Swichter",a click at the blank area will quit.
  • Screen locked status,long left slide will export iPod control,long right slide will close the screen.
  • Screen locked staus,there is an incoming call, long right slide mutes the call while long left slide hangup the call.