Take you iPhone experience to the next level.

Dock is a app like Dock of Mac OSX,that can manage the background processes, app shortcuts, quickly switching between apps. Operation simple and quick.

• Now support iPad.
• Multi-task manage,background app quickly switch.
• Customizable app shortcuts, you can add many app as shortcuts.
• Quickly open app and quickly switch between apps, in the lock-screen can also be operational.
• More than one way to show Dock,double tap Statusbar,short hold Statusbar,double tap home button,short hold home button,left/right corner slide up, QuickDo gestures.
• A variety of display, rotating icons and does not rotate.
• iOS4 folder support,themes support.

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Sample Video

How to use

How to show Dock

You can set multiple way to show Dock, in the lock-screen can also show Dock.
Activate Dock via QuickDo or Activator activation methods, please set activation methods via Dock setttings app or QuickDo, Activator settings app.

Scroll Dock icon

Slide up/down to scroll Dock icon,slide fast,scroll fast.

Open and switch apps

Tap the icon to open/switch apps.

Close app

Drag the icon to the center of screen to close app.

Set app shortcuts

• add shortcuts: first open the app you want add,then open Dock, you can see the app icon,Drag the icon to the left of screen.
• remove shortcuts: open Dock,Drag the icon to the left of screen.
• exchange shortcuts icon: Drag the shortcut icon above to the icon you want exchange.


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